Rates are dependent on the type of event and the degree of planning required for it. For low-key, informal events rates start at $299.00 for four hours, formal events (weddings, corporate events, proms, formal dances, etc) $599.00 for four hours. Formal events require a greater degree of preparation and an in person planning meeting due their importance, however this rate is all inclusive (except for mileage and some rare fees). In the formal rate I also include an extra hour of music, earlier setup (three hours before the start of the dance), professional lighting, free projector and screen rental, and dinner music.

Other charges apply dependent on additional services desired, distance to event, and etc., as detailed below. If you have any concerns and/or questions please contact me with the details of your event and I will provide you with a formal quote.

Services Formal Package/All Inclusive Informal/Al La Carte
Professional Sound System Four speakers, four sub-woofers, and four amplifiers Four speakers, four sub-woofers, and four amplifiers
Number of Hours Four hours dance music ($75/hour overtime) + 2 hours dinner music. Four hours dance music ($75/hour overtime)
Professional Lighting System Included $100
Pre-event planning Includes one in-person meeting and unlimited telephone and e-mail consults
Included- typically five-eight hours will be spent preparing for formal events.
Music purchases for special dances (for music not currently part of DJ's library) Included (up to 20 songs/hour contracted) - only 20 songs can be played in an hour. Included (up to 20 songs/hour contracted) - only 20 songs can be played in an hour.
Early Setup Three hours prior to dance start included ($35/hr for additional hours) One hour prior to event start included ($35/hr for additional hours)
Early setup is required for large gatherings (over 100 people) and many venues will also require it as well.
Mileage No charge if within 65 miles of DJ's location (Bowlus, MN) otherwise $0.50/mile fee, each way, applies. No charge if within 35 miles of DJ's location (Bowlus, MN) otherwise $0.50/mile fee, each way, applies.
Second DJ Setup - Sometimes needed for ceremony or for toasts if primary setup is in different location from meal Depends on needs - may be included free of charge. Depends on needs.
Projector Rental - A great idea if your ceremony was held on a cruise ship or romantic island and you want to share pictures or videos with your guests! Also great if you want to create a "love story" of how you met and the things you enjoy doing together. Included $50/hour
Multi night Discount Call! Call!

Formal events include weddings, proms, anniversaries, corporate events, etc. it will apply whenever the DJ is required to plan the event, provide master of ceremony services, cater to specific requests (purchasing music, planning special dances, etc). I will provide one in-person planning session and unlimited phone or e-mail interactions for these types of events.

For non-formal events in-person planning meeting is not included, limited emcee services provided, I will provide limited special dances but these events are for mostly just playing music (unless specifically contracted). For informal services only, music requests that require the DJ to purchase music will be at filled at the DJ's sole discretion and may require an additional fee of $1.00/song, this applies if the song was not on Billboards top 100 at some point in history.

A non-refundable reservation fee of the greater of 25% of performance fee or $100 and all additional rental fees, is required to secure the services of DJ Service for the engagement. This amount shall be applied toward the performance fee. Gift certificates and other discounts cannot be applied towards the reservation fee.