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  • Looking for quality DJ or Karaoke services for a wedding, anniversary, graduation party or other special event? Look no further! I am an experienced disc jockey who has been performing for over ten years. I have performed at numerous weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries, and other types of events. I have a collection of over 20,000 songs and over 6,000 top karaoke hits from a variety of genres; including rock (current, classic and oldies), pop, country, rap, hip/hop, r&b and other popular dance music. I not only have a large selection of music but I work tirelessly to insure I have the music that is in demand. I not only track the requests at dances I perform at but I also study the industry and purchase music that is in demand by people of all ages and walks of life!

    Your event, may it be a wedding, graduation party or any other celebration is important and its my goal to help make it special. I will work with you to develop play lists tailored to your event and, if necessary, obtain songs that are not currently part of my collection!

    My Philosophy

    My philosophy is simple, this is your special event and I am working for you! I have a responsibility to provide you a service tailored to meet your needs! I will provide you with the flexibility to either just tell me exactly what you want , to tell me what you do not want and then I will fill in the rest, or to provide you with something in the middle. No wedding or event is the same and it should be unique to your tastes and preferences and therefore your disc jockey should be willing to tailor his or her services accordingly!

    I also firmly believe that you do not need to pay a fortune to have quality and professional experience. I also have an obligation to behave in an ethical and legal manner. I own the legal rights to play all the music in my library since playing illegally obtained music not only can cause me legal problems but you as well!

    DJ Canceled?

    Has your disc jockey or karaoke jockey canceled on you? Contact me immediately, I will not charge you a "last minute" booking fee. If I am available I will provide you with services without taking advantage of the situation!